12 Days of Steam: Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my ’12 Days of Steam’, in which I reveal to you a sexy sneak peek of the stories inside Naughty and Nice: 12 Erotic Stories for Christmas.

if you haven’t had a chance to read Day 1 yet, you can find it here.

Today’s story gives you a taster of what happens when a naughty elf tells her Santa Dom just what it is she does to get on his naughty list… 😉 As always my erotica is for 18+ only.


Now she was right in front of his knees, sitting to attention and quivering away in the dress made up of lace snowflakes and that always made him hard the moment he saw her in it. As he watched her, he gave her a wink which sent her legs to jelly and everything between her thighs into a wet spasm. Then he gave a little cough and began frowning at the paper in his hand.

‘What’s this?’ He raised his eyebrows quizzically as he jabbed his finger at the first item on the list. Was that a smirk he was trying to hide? She sat there, swinging her feet on the high stool like a small elf, feeling even more little than her Santa knew. Often being unable to touch the floor was always the problem with being only five feet tall, although she loved swinging her feet, and it made him smile. She had no idea what was likely to come next. He was always good at this kind of inquisition. She sat there, curiosity fizzing inside her.

‘What’s that? It’s what I wrote, like I’m supposed to. I’ve been naughty because I daydream. A lot.’ Biting her bottom lip, she wrinkled her nose and looked up through her eyelashes at him, sitting there in his Santa suit. ‘About you.’ She wriggled on her seat at the sight of the outline of his hard cock inside his trousers. ‘Does Santa get a stiffy at the thought of every daydream his little elf has?’

He frowned. ‘Stop being cheeky and tell me when it is that you do all this daydreaming.’

She watched his fingers wandering over the table top, hovering, stopping to stroke her favourite paddle – black leather on one side and purple silk on the other. He picked it up and ran the cold leather against her bare calf. She tried to sit still but it shot quivers up her leg which converged as they reached her groin. She let out a tiny whine. She looked at him, at the spark in his stunning green eyes which lit up his face as he tried hard not to grin.

‘Well, it’s usually when I’m supposed to be working, Santa.’

His mouth fell open, hit eyebrows knitted together and the spark in those gorgeous eyes got brighter. ‘Turn around, you naughty little elf.’

Pulling her best mortified face, she did as she was told. She clung to the stool, her bare feet pushing into the steel foot bar, flipped up her dress and presented her bottom high in the air for her Santa. She couldn’t stifle the huge grin as she stared at the window and saw his reflection, his mouth agape.

‘Good girl. No knickers. Then instead of this…’ He swatted her backside twice with the leather side. ‘…I’ll use this, while you tell me all about the second item on your list.’

The soft silk traced a line across her flesh from the base of her spine to the crease of her thigh, leaving her breathing her arousal into the seat. Her body snaked as the silk moved against her. He tapped her soft flesh that pointed up at him over and over in rapid, soft succession, stopping every now and again to fondle her backside and kiss it. She knew that he was extremely aware that everything he was doing got her wet. And she was. Very.

I hope that little teaser got you ready to want more. Day 3 is coming…

You can get Naughty and Nice: 12 Erotic Stories for Christmas on Amazon and many other stores.

I’ll be her to tantalise you a little more tomorrow.

Happy reading!

Ina x

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