12 days of Steam: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my steamy little tasters for Naughty and Nice. In my 12 Days of Steam today, our naughty elf girl gets a special Christmas stocking from her Santa… This one is a pretty short one (like me! 😉 )

I know you know already, but my erotica is for 18+ only. Enjoy this short teaser.

She watched him smile at her as she took out the giant treat. On it, she recognised them both. She knew it was an image of them, even though it was carved in chocolate; she’d never ridden anyone’s cock the way she did his.

‘Do you like it? It was a total pig to carve.’ His arms slipped around her, his hand disappearing inside her dressing gown. She giggled as his fingers went roaming over her silken nightie. The giggles turned to sighs as he ruffled up the bottom hem and clasped her pussy. She was in no rush to move, but eventually she twirled in his arms, her dressing gown twisting against her and releasing. She let it drop to the floor.

‘You made it yourself? I love it. I can’t believe you did this. Would you like to share a bit with me?’

Always, with you, sweetie. I…’ He stopped talking as she broke off a piece of chocolate and pressed it to his lips. He could never resist anything she offered up to his mouth.

She watched him suck, swallow and lick his lips until she could bear no more. It was almost impossible for her to stay restrained enough not to jump at him and wrap her legs around his buttocks, sending them both careering to the floor. Tilting her head instead in her often-used quirky pose that he loved so much, she grinned as she returned to the stocking and pulled a long, cylindrical shape from inside. It had a label on the top which she read out loud. ‘Hold gently. This way up. Just rip off the wrapping.’

‘I saw you. You’ve only just sneaked this one in.’ She squealed as he slapped her bum. It stung this time, making the blood pump hard through every inch of flesh between her legs. She stressed, ‘Sir.’

‘You shouldn’t have been sneaking a peek, then.’

She locked eyes with his, pulling the wrapping off while taking care to follow the instructions, until she found herself holding a life-sized cock, white chocolate forming the shaft, milk chocolate the balls and the darkest chocolate she had ever seen making up the bulbous and beautiful head.

‘Oh my God! Is this—? I can see it is. How the hell did you—?’ She ran her fingers over the head, under the thick ridge she recognised so well, and down the veins that ran down the shaft. The balls began to melt a little in her palm. He took the edible replica of his cock in his finger and thumb and brought her chocolatey palm to his mouth. She gasped as the roughness of his tongue took control of her sensations.

‘It was definitely interesting to do,’ he answered, raising his eyebrows.

She melted, too, as his grin inflamed her desire for him.

‘Suck the cock, darling.’ He held out the chocolate prize to her. ‘Suck my cock and find your treat.’

Her heart raced; taking the head between her lips she sank her mouth onto it.

I hope you enjoyed my little tantaliser. I’ll tease you with another steamy extract in Day 4. Don’t go away now…. 😉

If you’d like to get your hands on all twelve full stories, you can find them on Amazon and other good e-book stores.

Happy reading!

Ina x

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