12 Days of Steam: Day 4

It’s Day 4 of my ’12 Days of Steam’. I have another little teaser for you from my holiday erotic collection, Naughty and Nice. My couple indulge in telling each other a few little fantasies while they’re having something to…um…eat in bed. I’d happily have what they’re having (as well as the food and drink!). 😉

As always, my erotic is for 18+ only.

She watched the muscles stretch in his forearms as he carried the tray. Instinct told her to reach out and run her fingertips along them, getting him to look at her with those incredible brown eyes, and make him hurry up and put the tray down so that she could pull him on top of her. Instead, she bit her lip at the focus in his downturned gaze as he carefully manoeuvred himself to place the mince pies and hot chocolate by the bed. Watching his intense concentration on anything at all, however small, was her favourite pastime: the darkness of his eyes, the temporary sternness in his face – they unfurled a desire that spread its way from her core until it filled every part of her, right down into her fingertips.

Mike managed to scoop the cat off the bed and place her on the floor without spilling a drop. The moment the tray was safely positioned on the bedside table, he slid himself back inside the covers, icy fingers plunging straight between her thighs, stroking, cold nose pressed up against hers as his chest warmed itself against her ribs and his face broke into that stunning smile.

She squealed. ‘That’s so cold! Oh fuck, and wet. Did you forget to dry your hands?’

‘Do you like being cold and wet?’ he asked, reaching over and picking up a mince pie to offer her a bite. She opened up, allowing him to rest the yummy pastry on her lip as she sank her teeth into his treat. ‘Because, if you do, my other hand is freezing.’

She squealed again as his icy fingertips ran down her back. ‘I’d rather be getting hot with you right now. Come right here, though, and I’ll tell you all about being wet.’

As she squeezed her breasts into her palms, lifting them up and offering them to him like a serving wench would offer a fulsome platter, he spread himself over her, his weight, his flesh, everything about him making her ache, and swelling her pussy lips around his trailing fingers.

He pulled his hand from the covers, wrapping one arm around her neck and shooing the cat away from the cream he’d used to top off the hot chocolate with the other. He scooped up some cream with his finger and pushed it to her lip, forcing it onto her tongue.

She grinned and swallowed the cream. ‘I… oh, I’m not sure if I should tell you all about being wet.’

‘Tell me.’ His eyes found hers as he pushed her flat onto her back and slid a cold hand down her naked body, starting at her neck and sliding between her breasts until it made its way to her navel. She squirmed as he repeated with a grin and with more urgency, ‘Tell me.’

She gave a small, seductive smile, the one she’d used to captivate him when they first met. ‘I have a little fantasy.’

‘What is it?’ With both hands at work now, he slithered his palms down her arms and she gasped as he gripped both wrists and leant over her, pinning them behind her back. ‘Is it that you’re captured by some mobster or psycho and taken to a dungeon where he blindfolds you and ties you so all you can do is hear him coming and feel every movement of his body as he tells you that you’ll never escape and no one will hear you scream…?’ He pulled the covers away from her and flipped her fully onto her front, pushing his knees against her open thighs. She gave him a disparaging look over her shoulder as his terrible, mock-terrifying eyes began to glint as he leaned in and kissed her nose.

‘Hardly. And that’s horrible. Where did you get such a bloody awful idea? It wouldn’t even begin to make me wet but I might have nightmares now, thank you very much. No. I’m an Eskimo. A naked Eskimo, lying in an igloo.’ She felt herself flipped back over so she was lying with him hovering right over her. A hot, twisting, electrifying sensation began to writhe around inside her and she felt a gentle pulsing of anticipation between her thighs. ‘And this necromancer disguised as a giant sea lion comes into my entrance and tells me I need warming up. And he puts…’

Her breath caught in her throat as she looked down towards a marshmallow dipped in hot chocolate which was now resting on her skin. The warm spot heated her stomach in the chilly air of the bedroom. Or maybe it was Mike who was heating her from within. She stuttered an ‘ooh’ as the marshmallows and warm spots appeared over and over, his tongue following each one, licking her skin. ‘…and he puts his hot…’ A marshmallow covered in steaming hot chocolate dripped over her left nipple, followed by the hotter breath of Mike. She felt him suck, gently at first, then harder. The left had always been his favourite. She watched his expert mouth on her body and she writhed beneath him as he sucked even harder. He stopped only to drink a mouthful of his hot chocolate.

Thank you for reading Day 4’s little bit of steam. Let’s see what Day 5 will bring, shall we…? 😉

Want to read all twelve stories in their full glory? Head over to your favourite e-book store and grab yourself a copy.

Happy reading!

Ina x

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