12 Days of Steam: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of my ’12 Days of Steam’. I have a cheeky little extract from an equally cheeky story, today. I hope you like this little piece of naughtiness between my elf and her Santa (for 18+, of course). 😊


This year, her own special Santa had decided he was going to wrap everything himself. His little elf wasn’t at all happy about that. She plonked herself on his knee, straddling one of his legs, and turned her lip outwards in a massive pout as she frowned.

‘But Liam… I mean, Santa… what am I supposed to do to help you? I’m supposed to be your little helper.’ She gave him a seductive, wide-eyed look as her hand slid up his chest and her fingers brushed his jawline until they wrapped around the back of his neck, caressing it in soft circles. She felt him quiver. It shot a throbbing ache through her body and it settled itself between her thighs.

Her Santa’s big, warm hand slid up the elf’s tunic and into her striped tights. It was a cute costume, and she could feel how much he loved her in it. He was rock hard inside his own outfit. She wriggled and pressed her pussy to the top of his thigh as he squished her bum with both hands.

‘Now, be a good little elf, Katie. I’m going to be busy for a while. Have you seen all these presents? You can find something to do, can’t you?’ He tinkled her little bell that stood perky and waiting for Santa’s instructions. ‘Why don’t you have some playtime while Santa is working?’

Santa gave his little elf a squeezy cuddle, lifting her and holding her up to his face. She popped open her little green top and squished her wobbly breasts against him, like two bowlfuls of jelly either side of his mouth. His head jerked from side to side, trying to catch her nipples between his lips.

‘Ooooh, your whiskers tickle!’ She flexed her toes against his erection. ‘It feels like you’re too excited to work, Santa. Come play with me.’

Santa put his little helper down on the floor. ‘Turn.’

With a big grin, Katie spun on her toes and, in one graceful movement, flicked up her tunic with one hand and whipped down her tights with the other. She wiggled her bum when she heard the sharp intake of breath behind her.

‘Beautiful little elf. Never learn to behave.’ His throaty, wonderful words were like catnip to her ears. As his big, hot hand came down on her begging flesh, taking time to probe all her naughty places in between each one of his ten loving spanks, Katie decided what game she was going to play while her Santa was busy.

‘Will you complete my punishment now, Santa? Please. If I beg you.’ She slid up against him and kissed his chin, then the corner of his lips, and his ear. ‘My bum is all hot now. Is it rosy like you like it? Is it wet between my thighs? Don’t you have a big fat cock now, Santa? Don’t you want to make your little elf work hard right now, just for you? Wouldn’t you like to see me backing my wriggly bum onto your cock…’

She leapt off his knee, walked around him and ran her fingers down his back as she sucked gently on his neck. ‘…just to help you work, but on me, Santa, not on those presents. Oh, you know you want to work on me because it’s so easy… smooth… slippery…’ She grated her body against his ribs. ‘Oh, Santa, show me how hard you work.’ Seductively sliding back around to face him, she slithered onto his knee and rubbed her rosy hot bum cheeks onto the hardness that was captured inside his trousers.

She squealed, more in frustration than anything else, as Liam picked her up and planted her firmly on the dining table where all the presents were strewn.

‘I love you, you naughty little elf. But Santa needs to work at his “bench” for a while. Now, if I put you down, will you play on your own, nicely?’

With a deliberately excessive pouty face, she nodded her head so her little bell tinkled, and stood there with the most droopy and sad pose she could muster. She promised to do exactly as he wanted. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her down from the dining table. It took Liam a full five minutes to manage to prise her off his body. The only thing that worked was to slip his hand into her tights and dip his fingertips in and out between her folds until she wetted one hand and began to whine and breathe heavily against him.

I hope you’re enjoying my steamy little extracts from Naughty and Nice. You can get your hands on all twelve complete stories by clicking the buttons below:

Until next time. Who knows where our steamy story will take us…?

Happy reading!

Ina x

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