12 Days of Steam: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of my ’12 Days of Steam’. Each day contains a steamy extract from my erotic Christmas collection, Naughty and Nice.

Today, we find out what happens when our lovely lady who has elvish tendencies, waits in her home-made grotto. And, more impotantly, what happens when her Santa returns home… 😉

Of course, as always, my erotica is for 18+ only.


Tilly came in his grotto. I mean, she literally came. Mark was late and she sat waiting like a good elf, thinking of the last time she had seen him. His arms had wrapped around her, making sure she didn’t fall off his knee, and he’d whispered to her as he’d squeezed her naked breast, ‘What do good elves get from their Santa? More importantly, what does this good elf get?’

She wetted her finger and inched it inside her pussy, remembering her reply to Mark that morning. ‘A good, long screwing, Santa. Please.’

But he’d had to go to work. He hadn’t wanted to go, but he’d had no choice, and it was a long drive to the client he needed to visit today. Even so, she’d wrinkled her nose at the disappointment then, and it still made her do it even now. And now he was late and she just couldn’t wait any longer. She went and sat in the corner of the conservatory, which they had decorated with tinsel and fairy lights, fake snow and giant reindeer ornaments. They had even built an archway out of cardboard and draped red material either side of it, to make it appear just like a ‘proper’ grotto. It was a surprise for all the nieces and nephews who were coming to visit over the Christmas holiday. But it had other advantages, too.

She closed her eyes as she sat on the big chair that they’d placed inside, her fingers working hard against herself until she gushed inside her knickers. The feel of her own hot wetness at the thought that this could easily be his cock getting drenched right now made her come hard as she sat there in Santa’s chair.

‘Well, what are you doing? Is that any way for my good elf to behave?’

Tilly almost squealed but managed to rein it in. She opened her eyes with a start to find Mark standing over her, his suit jacket over his shoulder, his finger rubbing over his lips and his eyes twinkling. She hadn’t heard the door unlock and open. Either he was as silent as a cat burglar or she must have been enjoying herself an awful lot in her sexy little fantasy world. She smiled coyly and looked up at him through her eyelashes. ‘Well, it’s one way for a good elf to behave.’

He flung his jacket onto a coffee table and stood there, hands on his hips. Her insides filled with pin-prick tingles as she watched his shirt sleeves tighten against his muscles. ‘You know the rules when you come in Santa’s grotto without being invited. Panties off and get over Santa’s knee before he lets you talk to him.’

She slowly got up out of the seat, pressing against him as he tried to inch past her with his carrier bag of shopping to sit down in Santa’s chair. Her hand slid inside his shirt and the other cupped the beginnings of his erection through his suit trousers. She squeezed. She felt him harden in her hand. As he sat down, she stood directly in front of him and pulled up her skirt, to reveal her new red French knickers. Very slowly, she inched them down until they rested just at the top of her thighs.

‘Maybe you’d like to…’ She pushed her legs between Mark’s knees, which opened and let her in. She gasped as his hands slid inside the back of the knickers, stroking her flesh, and working their way around to the front. He found her hip bone and slid his fingers down the crease of her leg on both sides, until both thumbs fondled her clit. As he rolled them round and over her tiny mound, sinking them further back along her folds, she leant back to give him a better view of her wetness on his thumbs. Throbs and exquisite aches rolled in waves between her legs and spread through her body. She barely noticed when her knickers fell to the floor.

Well, I wonder what happened to Tilly and Mark next…?

If you’d like to find out, and you’d love to get your hands on all of the twelve stories in the collection, you can get it on your favourite e-book store.

That’s all until tomorrow. I’ll be back with another tantalising moment in one of my steamy stories for the holidays.

Happy reading!

Ina x

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