12 Days of Steam: Day 7

It’s day seven of my ’12 days of Steam’, just for you, and especially for the holiday season.

Today, we are voyeurs on a provocative, sizzling party. You never know what surprises lay waitign for the guests…

It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway – my erotica is for 18+ only.

I hope you like this steamy extract as much as I loved writing this particular story. I had a lot of fun with it!

Catrina watched as, one by one periodically through the evening, the guests who had been invited to come dressed as the sexy days of Christmas, removed their coats and took their peppermint cream. She watched them open it and stand there, looking surprised at the number and the instructions stamped on it: Find your bauble on the big tree. Number —.

She leant provocatively against the wall in her sleigh and snowball bikini as her friend, Sally, took her correctly numbered bauble. Catrina smiled as Sally squealed when she realised that she had a screw bauble (what else?!) and twisted it, unfastening the two halves to find her instructions. As Sally scooted past her, Catrina whispered, ‘Sal, I hope you have a lovely evening.’

One look at Sally as she ran off to the bathroom on the third floor to go get her strip tease and pussy bathed in wet red lipstick kisses by Tamsin as per the note inside the bauble, told Catrina exactly what she’d expected. Sally wouldn’t be seen for much of the rest of the evening, and that she would have a very merry Christmas this year.

Catrina was pleased with herself as she sipped her lemonade. Everyone was getting their Christmas wishes; she was one of those people who took the time to really observe the people who were close to her and she knew them better than they often knew themselves. She’d been very busy working on this for weeks.

Through the archway into the dining room, she gazed upon a series of guests lining up for a chance to give her cousin, Marie, the gift she’d found in her bauble. Come and get your fill of pork sausage. Catrina whimpered as her juices pooled, and the other five male guests whose bauble gift had read Serve up your meat and get a platter full of stuffing strung themselves in a line, letting her feel and taste their erect cocks. None of them would go home before morning, that was for certain.

She felt hot breath against her head. She murmured indecipherable, delicious sounds at the recognition that Ben had crept up behind her and was now pressing the side of his face into her hair.

‘I’m glad we’re just the hosts,’ he said, his lips pressed right up behind her ear.

The reverberation of his voice against her sent a quiver through her body. He’d sensed it, she knew that. She felt his arm circle her waist as he handed her a pink gin. She eyed it, then caved in. She’d been adamant she would only have soft drinks so she could keep a clear eye on all the guests. She was certainly glad that she had up to now! It had been a very interesting evening, and strangely fulfilling.

‘Don’t you want to join in, Ben, my love? It’s been a total success. Everyone’s thoroughly enjoying themselves.’

‘So they are. Very, very much from what I’ve seen,’ he replied, tightening his grip around her waist and pulling her against him.

‘Been looking a lot, have you, my darling? Oh yeah, I can tell you have.’ She squeezed his thick, hard cock through his Rudolph briefs. The reindeer’s red nose flashed at the tip of his protrusion. ‘Ooh, look at that! I’m surprised you haven’t been inundated with peppermint creams and baubles in some kind of trade for that light-up nose.’

He slid his hands inside the snowballs covering her breasts and rolled his fingertips over her nipples, pinching firmly until he could squeeze them easily between his fingers. She mewed as she leant back into his shoulder.

‘I have been inundated,’ he replied. ‘One look at how Rudolph’s nose grew when I watched Susie – she was the one with number twelve, by the way, and got the billiard room – fucking herself while she sat enjoying Carrie getting her Christmas fill from behind by Gerry and her party drink from Pete, and good old Susie couldn’t wait to thrust a peppermint at me. And it was number 5. The utility room. Gutted that I turned down that tumble dryer. You know, the one Mum said vibrated really badly.’ He grinned. Nothing bad about vibrating things, as far as I know.’

‘Poor baby,’ she teased. ‘How on earth did you manage to say no to my sister? You like Susie.’

‘Because I have you.’ He spun her to face him and looked at her with serious eyes. A hot feeling grew inside her belly and she wanted to kiss him, hard. His eyes changed to a sparkle when he added, ‘And this.’ He stuck his hand down into Rudolph.

‘You’ve not been playing with your little red-tipped helper all night, have you, darling?’ she giggled.

‘Put your hand inside Rudolph,’ he said. She gave him a wide-eyed look to match her big grin. He took her hand and began to push it inside his briefs. ‘Have a feel,’ he insisted. ‘Don’t mind if I do,’ she said.

I hope you’re still enjoying my steamy extracts. If you’d love to get all twelve stories, gathered together in one steamy collection for the holidays, you can get your copy of Naughty and Nice by using the buttons above.

Tomorrow will bring another erotic encounter. Until then…

Happy reading!

Ina x

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