12 Days of Steam: Day 11

We’re almost at the end of my ’12 Days of Steam’ for the holiday season. Just one more to go after today’s sexy little teaser. Hannah has a present for Joe, and she can’t wait for him to come home and open it… 😉


There it was: the clunk of the door she had been waiting for. The branches swished against her skin as she fidgeted, and tickled her naked back. Their touch shot a quivering frisson of excitement right through her, converging low down, leaving tingles between her thighs. They grew so bad that she wanted to rub herself against the red velvet that rested there. She squirmed and caressed her folds on the soft material, as she sat on the carpet, anticipation driving every nerve in her body wild.

It suddenly occurred to her that anyone who lived there might have opened or closed the main front door. She swallowed and her heart thudded in disappointment. How stupid of her. She listened hard, her body still quivering with hope that it was Joe. A key rattled in the door to the apartment. A thrill drove itself right through her and stayed between her thighs. Her breath was still; she waited. The door opened, revealing his silhouette against the light in the corridor. His hand reached in to turn on the light, as he called out, ‘Hannah? Are you home, Hannah?’

She smiled her sweetest smile as the room illuminated, and she watched with delight as his mouth hung open.

‘I thought you might like your Christmas gift now, darling. I’ve taken a lot of care over the wrapping.’ She caught sight of her naked self in the glass front of the cabinet, sitting there, the massive length of wide, red velvet ribbon wrapped around her waist, pulled up between her legs, with its length brought back over her shoulders and fastened in a huge bow across her breasts. She was a perfectly wrapped present.

Her gaze went from his agog face down to his crotch. His massive bulge made her grin; it was blatantly obvious that the velvet ribbon was having the desired effect. Joe made his way across the room; she opened her legs just wide enough to tease him. She’d practised doing it in front of the mirror over and over. The ribbon always slid sideways and exposed her pussy which was drenched each time as she aroused her own lust at the sight of herself, knowing she was revealing this most intimate view just for him.

She watched Joe swallow and try to moisten his lips. You made a good choice, Hannah, she thought.

He held out his hand; she sat still.

‘Maybe you could pick up your present and stand it somewhere where you can get hold of it properly,’ she said, batting her eyelashes at him and tilting her head in coy fashion. She squeaked as he grabbed her around her ribbon-tied waist and stood her on the low side table, so their faces were nose to nose. His hands roamed her backside, dipping down as far as they could reach, stroking the ribbon. She whined as he put pressure on her velvet-covered entrance.

‘Let’s see, then, shall we? Where do I begin unwrapping? Maybe I pull this…’ He tugged at the bow. Very slowly it began to unravel, the knot in its centre loosening until the two ends released to reveal her two naked breasts. His fingers were like feathers against her flesh. His lips aroused her nipples as if the heating had become ice. ‘Mmmm, I like the look of my present already.’

His teeth grazed against her jawbone and meandered down her neck; she whimpered.

Slowly, Joe began to unwind the velvet ribbon. It fell off her shoulder and his hand traced its pathway, stroking the skin where the wrapping had been. He peeled it from her soaking pussy, putting the ribbon to his face and inhaling her essence. He growled into the ribbon as he caressed her folds with his fingertips.

If you’d like to get your hot hands on this, and the other eleven stories in my steamy collection for the holidays, you can buy it using the buttons above.

Santa gets a bit of TLC tomorrow. I’ll be here. Are you coming…?

Happy reading!

Ina x

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