12 Days of Steam: Day 12

Welcome to day 12 of my ’12 days of Steam’, the last in my little series of erotic and romantic extracts for the holidays. I hope you’ve enjoyed me teasing you, oooh, just a little bit. 😉

Today’s final teaser from my erotic collection, Naughty and Nice, sees Cassie giving Nick, her very own Santa, some loving care and attention, after working so hard all year.

‘Keep your eyes closed, Santa.’ Cassie gave her instructions as she balanced, hoping she was tightly enough cradled in Nick’s arms. Every few seconds, she gave him instructions on where to walk while firmly keeping her palms over his eyelids. They twitched under her hands, leaving her quivering at this fluttering vulnerability of her husband. She’d rarely felt it, but when she did, it made her heart melt. She smiled. She wanted to please him so much. And it was Christmas. After all his hard work this year, he deserved something special. And it was wonderful to have him home, all to herself. ‘We can stop in a minute, before we bump into something. I wouldn’t want your legs covered in bruises. I can’t believe we’ve come this far without careering into anything. Almost there.’

‘You’re just like a naughty little elf, aren’t you?’ he laughed. ‘What are you up to? And have you got the front door open? Brrr.’

‘Mind the step,’ she replied. ‘And don’t shiver so much that you drop me.’

He pulled her even tighter into the warmth of his body and she nuzzled into his chest. His heart beat against her cheek. Knowing she was pressed against him left her with a heat that grew in her core.

‘I’ve no intention of dropping you. In fact, I’ve absolutely no intention of letting you go, ever.’

She leant up, kissing the underside of his chin. He dipped his head and sought blindly for her mouth. She put her lips to his. They were soft, warm, and they pressed onto hers with a passion that made her ache for him in a way she’d never done for anyone else in her life.

She had to separate them, reluctantly. ‘You can stop now.’

‘I don’t want to stop.’ His mouth kissed any part of her he could find, brushing against her hair, trailing kisses over her forehead, her eyelid, until she took his mouth again with hers. In breathy moments, as her skin flushed and desire rippled through her, she murmured, ‘You can… stand… still now.’

They stopped; she looked up and watched as Nick blinked his eyes back to focus. She scrutinised his face as he took in the sight of the log cabin standing right at the bottom of their gigantic garden, there in the snow in front of them, amid a salmon pink background of dusk that fell over the silhouetted trees and surrounding bushes. She was very pleased with her handiwork, as she looked upon the cabin. It looked just like a fairy tale gingerbread house, orange light flickering through the window and inviting them inside. It had been quite a feat to organise in secret. Still cradled in his arms, she reached over and opened the door.

Nick appeared speechless as he carried her over the threshold. The cabin was a view to behold, that was for certain, with its wooden beams decorated with tinsel and mistletoe, and the log fire blazing in front of a thick white hearth rug that looked like a blanket of perfect snow. Beyond the giant chair which was big enough for two, she had left enough mistletoe-free space for Nick to be able to see the entire layout of the interior. His eyes opened wide at the stairs that led to a bright red bed in a cosy attic space. Snow-replica baubles hung from the rafters. It was like being at the very top of the world, and from that bed they would be able to look down upon all of it.

‘You did all this? For me?’

Cassie nodded. She leaned in and breathed her words into Nick’s ear. ‘Carry me to the chair, please.’

He looked at her with that indulgent smile she loved so much. In no time at all she found herself in the big chair, snuggled up to his chest. The flames in the grate flickered, casting beautiful shadows around the room and enclosing them in their own fantasy. He pulled her onto his knee. She loved being there, just being held by him. The room was lovely and warm; she had worked so hard to make it exactly as she had envisaged that he would want it. She could be a really good, when she needed to be.

But she was his Naughty Elf. He’d already said so. And Nick needed to know that.

Cassie slid off his knees, dropping herself between them. Very slowly, she peeled his work clothes from his waist, running her hands against his legs as the heel of her palms nudged the material of his trousers further down. She looked up at him. His body lifted, encouraging her hands, as she slid his clothes from under him and down his legs. She took her time, waves of lust rolling through her and lapping between her thighs until he was completely bared to her. Unable to resist, she ran an inquisitive fingertip over the length of his cock which, although already hard, grew further at her touch. Her fingers wrapped around it, stroking its length until he moaned, his pulsating girth making her wet. She whimpered; he moaned again at the sound she made as her eyes locked onto him and she wiped the tip of her tongue along his ridge. His cock flexed in her hand. Her pussy throbbed.

‘Please do it, darling.’ Nick looked at her, the pained anguish of need reflected back at her as the fire glinted, leaving his eyes like two flames. ‘Oh god, please.’

Well, there we have it – all twelve of my ’12 days of Steam’. I truly hope you enjoyed coming with me on a sexy little journey through my collection.

If you’d like to get your hands on all twelve complete stories, you can buy the collection on your favourite store. Just click on the buttons below.

I wish you a wonderful, happy, and steamy holiday season. I hope your holidays are, if you’re very good (or is that bad?), ever so nicely naughty…

With love,

Ina x

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