Smut Marathon: have you cast your votes?

Smut Marathon 2019

A number of weeks ago, I joined well over 100 writers in beginning this long journey which, round upon round, takes us through pretty much the entire year of assignments which increase in length, diversity and difficulty, as the knock-out rounds come and go until the remaining two go head-to-head. Our most important instruction is not to tell anyone which entry is ours until after the voting round for each assignment.

The first time you held my hand a short story by Ina Morata

The first time you held my hand

I didn’t expect it, that slip of your skin against mine as we walked, the summertime heat leaving your palm warm. Just the slightest of touches set a spark inside me, igniting my blood; it was the way your fingers encased mine leaving me simmering with desire and an anticipation I dare not express, even to myself. You were just making sure I was safe, weren’t you? Did you know that even the smallest brush of your skin against mine set my emotions in turmoil?