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Here are all my books, sorted into categories so you know exactly what you’re getting with one of my erotic offerings!

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The Eden Collection

Erotic BDSM novella The Coming of Eve by Ina MorataA series of contemporary BDSM erotica, including spankings (lots of spankings!) and bondage with a whole lot of other sizzling, sexy temptations. And sometimes a hint of romance.

A naughty new submissive, a Dom who wants to do things his way, and the others who join in their sexual adventures…

The Coming of Eve (The Eden Collection, Book 1)


Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales

Steamy standalone novellas, mixing hot sex with myth, magic and the paranormal. Based on ancient stories, myths and folklore from around the world, these dark but scorching tales are set to get your pulse racing…

Erotic myths and sexy tales by Ina Morata


The Chocolatier: Daemon of hearts and souls

The Greenwood Goddess (Coming soon: sign up to get this book FREE)


The Leanan Sidhe Series (Seducing the…)

Seven creative artists; one seriously sexy, seductive energy vampire. This series of novellas takes you through my own particular erotic spin on the myth of the Leanan Sidhe, an energy vampire who seduced her ‘prey’ and promised them fame and fortune – but at a price.

The first six in the series also include the beginning of the story of the next creative man in line for the Leanan Sidhe’s steamy seduction. Is there a way to escape her seductive clutches, ever…?

paranormal seductive erotica by Ina Morata

Seducing the writer (Leanan Sidhe #1) coming in December 2018.


Erotic Short Story Collections


Carnal-an-erotic-short-story-collection-by-Ina-MorataLuscious erotica, some of which are my readers’ favourites from my blog and some never-before-seen erotic short stories, gathered together for an orgy of boiling hot sexiness.

The e-book of Carnal will be FREE on your favourite e-book retailer. Coming in November 2018. And so will you… 😉

Can You See Me?: Darkly erotic tales of voyeurism

Erotic short story collection on voyeurism by Ina MorataWhat happens when you begin the secret life of the watcher? How does it feel to be the one of someone else’s voyeuristic desire? What if you know the object of your sexual gaze knows you are watching them? What secrets are revealed through the voyeur’s eyes?

A set of dark, soulful and steamy stories told through the eyes of the voyeur, the watched (and sometimes the exhibitionist).

This eagerly awaited collection (so my readers tell me!) is available for pre-order from some retailers in November 2018.

Can You See Me?: Darkly erotic tales of voyeurism


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