Can You See Me?: Darkly erotic tales of voyeurism

Erotic short story collection on voyeurism by Ina MorataWatching someone fulfil your sexual desires from a distance… What if they knew you were watching? Do they know? Do they care? Can they see you, too?

Watching the voyeur as you fulfil their erotic fantasies… Just what would you do to keep them watching?

Can you fall in love – can they eat into your very soul – as you watch, or as you know they can see you?

What things are possible, what are you prepared to risk, when you become a voyeur?


These dark, erotic, and sometimes soulful tales tell the stories of the watchers and the watched, their desires, fantasies, wishes and needs, and of the dangers–and delights–of their voyeuristic obsessions. Some watchers find themselves experiencing an exquisite form of self-torture, as in “The Mating of Love Birds”, others give themselves to the pleasures of the flesh for the voyeuristic pleasure of a loved one, only to find themselves watching the watcher, whose experience isn’t quite what they thought it would be, as in “Wine Glass, Pearls and Tie”. And some descend into a darkness like they’ve never known…

The e-book of this collection is available from Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Nook, Indigo, Angus & Robertson and Mondadori store here.

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