THE COMING OF EVE (book 1 in the Eden Collection)

When Eve finds herself hungry and lost in Adam’s garden, little does she realise that his punishment for trespassing is exactly what she’s been waiting for. Invited to spend time at Eden House, she’s sure that submitting to him will be a whole lot of fun. Tempting him seems fun, too, but it quickly becomes clear that Adam has very different plans. This is a power game where the stakes are high, and she feels she’s losing control.

When Eve is no longer sure what she wants, can Adam yield to her temptation and show her where the balance of power really lies?

This is an Eden Collection book. Each book is a standalone story, some with recurring characters (although stories containing Adam and Eve begin with this one).

This 40,000-word novella is the first of the series based in or around the Garden of Eden, the search for fulfilment, temptation, and the individual need to re-imagine what paradise really is, and what it means to find a life that works for us. The Coming of Eve contains spanking, light BDSM, oral sex, and anal play, together with a story which explores the hidden emotional and psychological matters of temptation and self-discovery as much as the physical.


‘The Coming of Eve’ is a narrative of confessional intimacy.” (Goodreads)

“It is erotica in the purest sense: an exploration of sexual desire, and the conflict between what provokes and scares us, and what delights.” (Review,

You can download a 10,000-word extract by clicking the button below.


And before Adam spanked Eve, there was Lilith…


THE LILITH TRIPTYCH (book 2 in the Eden Collection)

Lilith is a woman with a reputation for sexual deviance. This depiction of her, in the form of three novelettes, portray her at her most deviant, and celebrates, rather than condemns, her unfettered sexuality, and her erotic power that transcends the body and enters the mind of those she chooses to enlighten.



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