Steamy, sexy short stories from the erotic pen of Ina Morata.


The hottest erotic stories adapted from the blog entwined with never-before-seen naughty tales, this collection will make more than just your appetite wet for more!

Morning sex to bring heat to the day, and tantalising texting before bedtime; a sizzling airport arrival and naughty antics on camera at work; a very hot shower fantasy, D/s play, and feeding juicy desires in the woods; these and many other carnal encounters make up this sizzling erotic short story collection.

This, the first book in the Ina Morata Short Story Collection series, brings together extended versions of stories adapted from the blog together with new and never-before-seen work.

If you love luscious, hot erotica that you can sink your teeth into, bite by sexy bite, you’ll want to devour this book.

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