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James Lear: the history-based erotica

I have been wanting to write this post for quite a while now, and now seems like a good time, as I find myself reading yet another one of the novels by one… Continue reading

Guest Author: Ian Smith

Once again, I am delighted to welcome Ian Smith to my blog, this time to discuss a whole array of topics, from publication and writing to all manner of ‘behind-the-scenes’ goodies about Ian… Continue reading

House of Holes – Nicholson Baker

After I wrote about Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye, I ended up having various discussions, both publicly and privately, about its bizarre nature and just where it left our own views over… Continue reading

Story of the Eye – Georges Bataille

Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye was one of the earliest novels I devoured when I decided to read erotica ‘seriously’ and first drew up my list of books I thought I should… Continue reading

Heathcliffe, my Heathcliffe!

I said in “Books and Authors I Love #1” that I would share something which had a massive impact on me when I first encountered it. And, to be absolutely honest, it still does.… Continue reading

Seduce my Mind…

I don’t know about you but, as a rule, I am a voracious reader (of all things erotic, and a whole lot of other work besides). So I have decided to create a… Continue reading