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Love Slave Part 15 – FINAL PART (18+)

Every part of me, from my head to my waist, turns to lead as I drop his note. From somewhere inside my gut, it feels like someone has just released a dagger, and… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 14 (18+ only)

 “Put on your knickers.” He removes them from his pocket and offers them to me, as the rest of my clothes slide down his arm and land in the crook of his elbow.… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 13 (18+ only)

He leads me through the main door, holding onto the glass pane just above my head with his palm, while he reels me in with his tie held between his thumb and the… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 12 (18+ only)

His hand is still wound in my hair, his lips still dancing against my neck, when I feel his fingers inside the fabric of my knickers. His finger presses between my arse cheeks,… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 11 (18+ only)

He takes my bag from me and grins, lighting his face for a moment with a delightful mischief I remember only too well. And he sticks out his tongue, just far enough for… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 10 (18+ only)

Day upon day for almost a week, I hover by the door at 11am. I alter all my appointments so I can be at home when the post arrives, although most days all… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 9 (18+ only)

See, I haven’t forgotten poor Charlotte! But I have been stupidly busy, am getting very excited, and hope to share more with you very, very soon now! However, to Charlotte and her rather disastrous… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 8 (18+ only)

I’ve been feeling a weeny bit sorry for my poor love slave; she’s been chained to the bed for well over a week, without me coming to rescue her! Then I spent days… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 7 (18+ only)

Why is it when I’m writing Love Slave, that something I think is going to be perfectly average starts growing much bigger than I imagined it would be? (Sorry – couldn’t help it!).… Continue reading

Love Slave Part 6 (18+ only)

Finally, after a lot of difficuties with this post, I have Part 6 of Love Slave for you. It’s been a very difficult part of the story to write, and it’s quite long,… Continue reading