NEW RELEASE: A Year in Anna’s Knickers

Anna's knickers have a habit of ending up in her handbag... or the bedpost... or...

Join Anna, month by hot and spicy month, as she relives a year of her deliciously steamy life. Twelve interconnected stories lead us through her year, in which she gets a boyfriend during an exciting encounter, goes on a tempting trip, gives and takes in tantalising texts, attends a very private, provocative party, and so much more. Her best friend at work, April, is a constant source of encouragement - but just what does April's husband want with Anna? And more importantly, will she succumb to his seductive charms?

Desire: pre-order your copy now!

Steamy stories of desire, passion and lust

From the pen of erotica author, Ina Morata, comes another collection of tempting tales. Luscious eroticism combines with the hot and the steamy in twenty erotic and sexy tales of desires, wants and needs.

Long-awaited hot and romantic encounters, sexy long-distance conversations, luscious and lascivious hopes and dreams, and stories tinged with soulful, steamy memories and yearning, are all of this collection.

Come and spend some time between the sheets of this erotic collection and let your desires run wild...