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Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

“Goddess worshipping.” A ghost of your whisper curls around my neck as I press my back against the front door. Even as my head tilts to offer my flesh up to your lips, the… Continue reading

Conversation before bedtime

  I know he’ll be alone, with anyone else nearby already asleep; I feel alone, too, here, surrounded by people all going about their business who look but never speak. The connection –… Continue reading

Once, Twice, Three Times a Banshee (18+ only)

Slivers of light illuminate her carriage. It’s as ancient as she is, black as this witching hour, and only moonbeams confirming its existence. High in her seat, the old hag drives her horses… Continue reading

April Showers

Dear Diary, I’ve been in hotel rooms before, so what’s wrong with this one? Maybe it’s the room number. I mean, who would knowingly give an erotica author the key to this room?… Continue reading

Strawberries and Confessions

The cases are still empty. You reminded me earlier that I need to pack, but there they sit, sad and waiting, because I am full, bursting with a need to confess to you.… Continue reading

The Little Dutch Boy’s Manhood, Part 1 (18+ only)

Having just had the incredible, intense experience of writing two books in a matter of weeks, I thought I would take a break and have a bit of fun today, so I’ve been… Continue reading

No Touching (18+ only)

My Sunday story is a long one, coming by way of apology for being so sporadic in my fiction posts over the last few weeks (although you’ll know why if you read my… Continue reading

One Finger

The Sunday story today comes by way of a little experiment. I managed to persuade, cajole, and otherwise arm twist the wonderful D.E. Maizefield (aka Der Erzahler) to co-write a short story with… Continue reading

The Mating of Love Birds (18+ only)

This Sunday story is another little offering from the collection of voyeur tales that I am working on. Just another little teaser, but a little bit of teasing won’t hurt, will it…? It’s… Continue reading

Finis? (18+ only)

For my Sunday story, I have some flash fiction for you today. It’s a soulful little post, written very much as a companion to The Invisible Lover and Seven Seconds. It may not… Continue reading