Crazy prizes in PNR Autumn Giveaway

This is a brilliant giveaway! Pop on over – you may even find yourself with a copy of Lust on the Wing for your efforts! 🙂

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get thee to the website and enter the Paranormal Autumn Giveaway, because ermagerd, they’re giving away some crazy great prizes. For example, first prize is a one-year KU subscription or $120 gift card PLUS 15 free books.

amazon-thumbnail-cover_lustonthewing Our very own Lust on the Wing, volume 2 in the Lust anthology, is part of the giveaway package!

Last chance to enter is around midnight September 29th US time, not sure what time zone.

Welcome to the Paranormal Autumn Giveaway! The leaves are falling, and pumpkin spice everything is out in full force! Yay! So what better way to enjoy the season than to snuggle up with a good book and win some prizes? Check out what these amazing authors have ready for you, and don’t forget to enter […]  Source: Paranormal Autumn Giveaway

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Halloween Writing Event (Reminder)

To all my readers, many of whom are writers, too - please, please consider submitting a piece for this. It's going to be an amazing week of writers sharing their work. I shall be submitting, and I really hope you do, too! I shall be keeping people posted about the event on Instagram and Pinterest, … Continue reading Halloween Writing Event (Reminder)

Six weeks to an antho (part 2)

Anyone considering self-publishing e-books on Amazon should read this. Devi has really nailed this whole formatting malarky! I wish so much that I’d been able to read this before I set about trying to format my first e-book!

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This is the second post in a three-part series about how to create an anthology from scratch in six weeks. Read the part one here.

Part II: Getting Pub-Ready for the ‘Zon

I’m going to share a bunch of tips on how to format an anthology manuscript for Amazon, if you are using Microsoft Word (2010 or later).

We created a paranormal erotic anthology, four authors working together, and we wanted to have as much creative freedom as possible. But we knew we wanted a common format for all the stories. If you check out the editions (Lust by the Sea (published July 2016), the forthcoming Lust on the Wing (Sept 13) and Lust in Tooth and Claw (late September)), they’re all in the same format. When I did the formatting for Lust by the Sea, it took about 2 hours to create a table of contents…

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Eleven Miles – more touching reviews

There’s nothing I like more than to know that my friends are happy, and to share in their success. So, I know that this post is far off the beaten track for me, but Lance’s book – and the work put in by the author himself – should be celebrated. Congratulations on your reviews, Lance, and I’m so pleased that you’re delighted with them! A book to be extremely proud of, for sure!

Write to Inspire

It fills my heart with pride and joy when I read reviews of my debut novel, Eleven Miles, which tell of the real reflection of life and society in remote African villages. This is exactly what I was trying to achieve in my writing of Boitumelo’s story. To have endorsements from people who know that society is tremendous.

The review that appeared on Amazon today says, “. . . this book sums up the attitude of the people of this wonderful continent perfectly.” It was written by a British reader who has travelled extensively across the African continent.

Another recent review on Amazon, which was written by a young African reader who obviously has personal experience of that life, tells us, “This book narrates the stories of hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of Africans kids. Almost any African child can relate to this compelling piece of brilliance.”


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