A steamy love triangle… with death at its heart

Lilitu by Ina Morata

Lila is a descendant of Lilith, out to prove herself worthy of such heritage, and in desperate need of a human man who can satisfy her desires and give himself to her wholeheartedly. Having abandoned her previous lover to his doom, she sets her sights on Porphyro. There is just one problem: he and the virginal Madeleine are getting ready to elope before her father decides to marry her off.

Undeterred, Lila seeks out all manner of sexy, luscious ways to get into Porphyro’s head, his pants – and his heart – while behaving true to her ancestry and thinking up lethal means to dispose of her competition. But she has a problem which she has been hiding from herself, and only now does she have to reconcile herself to the fact that she just isn’t like the awe-inspiring Lilith. When things don’t go to plan, can Lila find a suitably delicious and steamy way to satisfy all three of them?

Lilitu is Book 1 of the Erotic Myths & Sexy Tales series. Other titles in the series include The Chocolatier, The Greenwood Goddess and Desires on Kiska.

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