erotica-1211900_1920The Love Slave trilogy is a special project for me. It’s the series of novellas which has begun life as blog posts, week on week, as I write, and is a HUGE experiment for me. You get to read the initial copy of the books – the “unseen”, behind-the-scenes version of the books BEFORE they are published.

Because the books are still in pre-publication stage as I’m blogging, this is your chance to offer feedback and suggestions on the characters, the story, and everything in between. As I publish each individual novella, I will remove the blog posts for that book, so that I can blog the next one.

I will also be offering the opportunity for you to get your hands on a FREE COPY of each of the e-books. Suggest a name for the individual books in the series and, if I choose yours, you will receive a copy of the book you have named, together with another one of my sole-authored books of your choice.

Happy reading!

Ina x