lust-in-winter-coverWarm yourself in the blaze from this quartet of lusty novellas. In the fourth volume of the Lust series, our authors bring you shivery tales of creatures with fangs, fur and claws. Lusty ghosts, hungry vampires, frost giants, and Christmas fairies delivering dark wishes… Let us fill your stockings with 95,000 words of seriously sexy treats.

Publisher’s Note: Lust in Winter is a paranormal erotic anthology that includes adult language, sexual scenes and some darker erotic content. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


In Devi Ansevi’s Sugar and Ice, when a banker meets a candy artist, sparks ignite – quite literally. He’s the descendant of a frost giant. She’s…well, that’s a mystery. Whatever she is, she’s got power to spare. Hawk and Candy have little in common, or so they believe. And then the dreams start. With dark forces working against them, can they overcome their differences in time?

In Emma Jaye’s Dark Christmas Wish, Winter is a fairy in the Adult Wish Department at the North Pole. His latest assignment will take Winter to his limits, and beyond: dark domination of a submissive incubus by a Master vampire. He has always loved dominating his lovers, but for this dark wish, he’s the incubus.

In Desires of the Winter Women by Ina Morata, ghostly sisters of ice and snow battle for the attentions of the same man in the wilds of Alaska. Their love triangle heats up the mountainous terrain. When one sister enlists the aid of the lusty Inuit Master of the Mountains, the resultant bonfire may bring an early spring thaw.

In Katherine Nevitt’s Dreamwalker, Leona survived a violent attack that has left her blind and bitter. She agrees to spend Christmas in the mountains with her best friend, hoping the peace and quiet will ease her terrible nightmares. Nothing seems to work, until a vampire begins to stalk her dreams. Their attraction is instant, but will Zach’s offer to restore her sight cost her the ultimate price?

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