New Year, New Goals, New Writing

Happy New Year to you! It's that time when I tell myself every year that I'm not going to make any New Year's resolutions because they last all of two weeks (and that's on a good year) before I totally fudge them up, mainly because they're completely ridiculous and unattainable. So, the more I read … Continue reading New Year, New Goals, New Writing

Author Interview: Byron Cane (aka Lurv Spanking)

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, and I am finally thrilled to do so. This interview is with an author whom I know some of you follow avidly (yeah, me too!): the simply extraordinary Byron Cane, also known as Lurv Spanking. I am the first to admit that I … Continue reading Author Interview: Byron Cane (aka Lurv Spanking)

Where’s the love slave gone…?

This post comes by way of an apology to those following my Love Slave story. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the next instalment is going to be a bit delayed. (That sounds a bit posh, so what I actually mean is that, since yesterday, the next instalment is stuck on a laptop that for … Continue reading Where’s the love slave gone…?

Experiment: blogging an erotic novel

I spent a wonderful 24 hours over the course of last Friday and yesterday, engrossed in the many fabulous sessions in the first of three Indie Author Fringe conferences this year for self-published authors, organised by ALLi. I was very impressed with the wealth of information offered: advice for first-time authors, to designing book covers, … Continue reading Experiment: blogging an erotic novel