Insightful, Part 1 (18+)

The silk trails up the side of my neck and I offer myself up to its motion. Over my throat, and up against the side of my face, fluttering over my forehead until I hear my own moans at its touch. The aroma of his shower gel fills me as his hand brushes my face, and my eyes close as his skin brushes my lips. They chase the touch, not recognising that the silk has covered my eyelids until it pulls tight round the back of my head. I don’t want to make an idiot of myself, but my chest is lurching. I don’t know if I can cope with it; not knowing, not seeing. His chest presses up against my shoulder blades; his cock is hardening inside his jeans, pressing against the top of my backside. The thought of it makes my heart bang. The movement of his cock is so mesmerising to me that it takes a moment to notice he has my arms up above my head.

Audience for the Marionette, Part 2

This is the second part of my dark, erotic voyeurism story about a beautiful marionette who has discovered she is becoming sentient of body as well as of mind. If you have read Part 1, you will remember that the aroused yet unfulfilled Marionette has been brought a 'special client' by her creator and Master. … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, Part 2

#TeaserTuesday: The Ballet of Chestnuts

Welcome to #teasertuesday again! This week I have a (not so little) snippet from a work-in-progress, entitled The Ballet of Chestnuts. You can find out more about the brief overall premise for the story here as it's one that I will be publishing next year. The extract I am sharing with you is the very beginning … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday: The Ballet of Chestnuts

#TeaserTuesday: Extract from Muse in Bohemia

I have been baring my wares on the big screen. Before you get excited (or throw up), it's not it sounds. Firstly, I've kind of 'borrowed' a 25" monitor, and secondly, I've been plunging the depths of my folders (yes, folders) and making a list of the works I have which are nearly there, … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday: Extract from Muse in Bohemia

The House of Seven Sins: Mistress in Training Chapter 4, part 2 (18+ only)

At the sight of him staring, instinct led her quivering fingers to grasp at her own neck and, in so doing, she felt the solid ball of her nipple beneath the abrasive stitches of the sequins as it brushed the side of her hand, leaving her with a shiver up her spine. For the first … Continue reading The House of Seven Sins: Mistress in Training Chapter 4, part 2 (18+ only)

The House of Seven Sins: Mistress in Training Chapter 4, part 1 (18+ only)

The start of this chapter comes with my apologies for taking so long to post it. Normal service has now been resumed! If you remember, Ella had accepted the chance to be interviewed for the live-in position of 'Mistress' and had begun her first night in the house by having the strangest meal, and the … Continue reading The House of Seven Sins: Mistress in Training Chapter 4, part 1 (18+ only)

Love Slave Part 15 – FINAL PART (18+)

Every part of me, from my head to my waist, turns to lead as I drop his note. From somewhere inside my gut, it feels like someone has just released a dagger, and it’s fallen straight through me, ripping me open in every soft and sensitive place I have. Switch the kettle on. Don’t want … Continue reading Love Slave Part 15 – FINAL PART (18+)