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Last chance to grab Carnal for 0.99

I’m just popping by to give you a heads up that my short story collection, Carnal, is 0.99 everywhere for only a couple more days. You can still grab your copy for this rock bottom price until the end of Sunday, at which point the price will go back up to its regular $2.99 (or equivalent.

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Carnal Instincts (extract)

Rosa re-crossed her legs. She contemplated leaving them slightly open and noting the look in the professor’s eyes as she gave him a view of her inner thighs, but opted for the more professional approach – ensuring that there was still enough outer thigh on show to get a rise in his pants. She willed him to take off his lab coat so she could see, but telepathy wasn’t her strong point and it remained wrapped around him. It gave him the upper hand, and she knew he knew it.

“I’m afraid you would have to do a lot more work to prove to me that your theories are correct, Doctor—“

“Rosa, Professor. Please. We’ve had these discussions often enough for you to use my first name, surely?” Now was the time. She unravelled her knees and leant forward, her breasts pushing against the top of her bra, leaving the hint of two exposed, fleshy mounds. Her legs parted slightly. Having practised this in front of a mirror many times, she knew that what the professor could see was the stocking disappearing into a cavern of darkness. Just enough and not too much. “Let’s see, then, Professor. I—“

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Valentine Special Offer

With less than a week to go to Valentine’s Day, I have a little treat for you, if you want to get all hot and steamy under the covers this month. Until 16th February, my erotic short story collections Carnal and Can You See Me?: Darkly Erotic Tales of Voyeurism are on sale at 99c/99p (or equivalent).