Giveaway: Forbidden Love, Forbidden Lust

I love to offer up things that might give you pleasure. And I think this will! Would you love to lay eyes - and hands - on the hottest, naughtiest, sexiest stories? And would you love to do it for FREE? If so, then I have absolute delight in sharing this amazing Instafreebie Giveaway with … Continue reading Giveaway: Forbidden Love, Forbidden Lust

Valentine Freebie for You!

How do you feel about melting chocolate? Having chocolate dripping on a loved one, pooling in those secret, sexy places you love so much, so you can get up close and personal with your tongue...? How am I doing? Still with me, or have you run off to fetch some of that Valentine favourite?! Well, … Continue reading Valentine Freebie for You!

Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer

Not that I'm food-obsessed or anything, but there's a bit of a theme to this post... I am delighted to tell you that my paranormal erotic romance novella, The Chocolatier: Daemon of hearts and souls, is completely FREE to download on Amazon this week, 14th-18th November. In 1920s London, Edward the chocolatier, surrounded by ghosts … Continue reading Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer