Eroticon Meet and Greet: Ina Morata

In exactly four weeks I'll be getting off a train, having had a wonderful few days in London. During that time I will have learned and laughed (and been a very good girl, honestly!) with some amazing people at Eroticon, some of whom will, no doubt, be familiar to you by name at least. This … Continue reading Eroticon Meet and Greet: Ina Morata

Eroticon 2017 – Virtual Introduction

I’m very excited at the moment, because 4-5 March is Eroticon, and I’ll be heading to London for a few days, to join in the learning and fun for the first time. Attendees have been asked to post their answers to a few questions on their blogs, as a virtual introduction to themselves. So here’s mine: … Continue reading Eroticon 2017 – Virtual Introduction