Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

"Goddess worshipping." A ghost of your whisper curls around my neck as I press my back against the front door. Even as my head tilts to offer my flesh up to your lips, the glow of the light hanging from the ceiling coming into soft focus, your words envelop the air between then and now. "That's … Continue reading Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

Strawberries and Confessions

The cases are still empty. You reminded me earlier that I need to pack, but there they sit, sad and waiting, because I am full, bursting with a need to confess to you. You are beautiful. You have been beautiful from the first moment you wound your fingers in my hair and pulled me against … Continue reading Strawberries and Confessions

The Mating of Love Birds (18+ only)

This Sunday story is another little offering from the collection of voyeur tales that I am working on. Just another little teaser, but a little bit of teasing won't hurt, will it...? It's not the story I had planned to post (you'll have to wait for ice-cubes until another time), but I hope that some … Continue reading The Mating of Love Birds (18+ only)