12 Days of Steam: Day 10

‘You look beautiful like that. But you look beautiful, no matter what you’re doing.’

She turned her head to see Rob leaning against the door frame, smiling. The lights on the tree twinkled like tiny stars around the dimly-lit room. As he dropped to his knees and took her hand, her heart leapt at the sight of the twinkle in his eye, too.

‘I love the way you look in this light,’ she said, crawling onto his knee and gazing up at him as she traced the edge of his open shirt collar.

If you ever... (erotica 18+)

If You Ever… (erotica 18+)

There’s something about every room I wander into that excites me, makes me aroused, just as if the softest of paintbrushes was running over my flesh, brushing the tips of my nipples with its tender sable. I have to slip my hand beneath my top and touch them through my bra to check, the feeling is so convincing. There they are, erect and willing me into each room, this feeling of arousal spreading, brushing my belly into knots and transferring the feeling between my legs as I realise what it is that affects me so: it is the smell of you.

Ina Morata recommends One Day the Devil by Julia Chambers

Recommended Read: One Day the Devil

If you like your erotic reading imbued with the literary, coated in metaphor and dripping sumptuous words, then I heartily recommend One Day the Devil: And Another Tail by Julia Chambers. I have just finished reading this book and I can still feel the shivers running through me; shivers of arousal mingled with unnerved awe, … Continue reading Recommended Read: One Day the Devil

Audience for the Marionette, part 4

This is the fourth instalment of my dark, erotic short story, "Audience for the Marionette", which features in my forthcoming erotic short story collection on voyeurism. You can read a little more about the collection here. We left Marionette performing for the special client. Instead of doing what her Master expects her to do, she … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, part 4