Anaïs Nin – Stella

When you mention the name 'Anaïs Nin' to many people, they automatically assume you're in 'erotic mode'. Because she is so famed through her erotica and her extraordinary sexual relationships, particularly her long-running relationship with Henry Miller (of Henry and June fame), it's often forgotten that, actually, much of her work is not erotica, per … Continue reading Anaïs Nin – Stella

Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

"Goddess worshipping." A ghost of your whisper curls around my neck as I press my back against the front door. Even as my head tilts to offer my flesh up to your lips, the glow of the light hanging from the ceiling coming into soft focus, your words envelop the air between then and now. "That's … Continue reading Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

Review: Wuthering Heights

I said in "Books and Authors I Love #1" that I would share something which had a massive impact on me when I first encountered it. And, to be absolutely honest, it still does. There's something about the power of Heacliffe's words here, and throughout Wuthering Heights, that leaves my blood hot and my bones cold … Continue reading Review: Wuthering Heights

Spanking Sunday! My favourite spanking authors (Part 1)

This week's Sunday post is a little different to my usual story. In fact, I'm not featuring my story at all, but one belonging to another author. I've been thinking an awful lot about my favourite authors in recent days. I feel very lucky and privileged to count some of my favourite writers as personal … Continue reading Spanking Sunday! My favourite spanking authors (Part 1)