Author Interview: Byron Cane (aka Lurv Spanking)

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, and I am finally thrilled to do so. This interview is with an author whom I know some of you follow avidly (yeah, me too!): the simply extraordinary Byron Cane, also known as Lurv Spanking. I am the first to admit that I … Continue reading Author Interview: Byron Cane (aka Lurv Spanking)

My Favourite Spanking Authors (Part 2)

A while ago, when I wrote about Bittersweet Eros, I promised another blog post on my two favourite spanking authors. This second part is about one absolutely amazing author, whose work takes my breath away: Lurv Spanking (who also writes as Byron Cane). I'm going to come across as a total fangirl now, and I honestly … Continue reading My Favourite Spanking Authors (Part 2)