Casualty of a Situation

This is the eighth of my nine literary/women's fiction short stories. Casualty of a Situation was inspired by something a very lovely Indonesian woman I once knew said to me. I won't say exactly what it was, but what she told me affected me very deeply, and really made me think about what some women … Continue reading Casualty of a Situation

You Do Love Me, Don’t You?

This is the seventh of my nine story series of literary/women's fiction series. This story has a funny little history. It's the fastest written story I've ever produced, the first draft written in just over half an hour in a complete frenzy. For some reason, I'd been thinking of things I did when I was … Continue reading You Do Love Me, Don’t You?

In Two Minds

For the sixth story in my literary/women's fiction short story series, I've posted something a little different. It's called "In Two Minds"; in actual fact, it's had two titles, has been published in two different places (Inktears online, and in an Australian women's women's mainstream magazine), and has been written in two different ways, one … Continue reading In Two Minds