Audience for the Marionette, part 4

This is the fourth instalment of my dark, erotic short story, "Audience for the Marionette", which features in my forthcoming erotic short story collection on voyeurism. You can read a little more about the collection here. We left Marionette performing for the special client. Instead of doing what her Master expects her to do, she … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, part 4

Audience for the Marionette, Part 3

This is the third part of my darkly erotic short story, Audience for the Marionette', which is included in my forthcoming book on voyeurism. We left the increasingly sentient Marionette beginning her show for the special client, who is currently bound by shackles to an ancient torture chair, a trapdoor beneath him, for the Master … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, Part 3

The Apple of Her Eye (18+ only)

The #WickedWednesday prompt this week caught my eye: Vintage Art. I love art in a big way, so set out perusing way too many vintage erotic art images (Google Images has a lot to answer for—but it was fun!). While doing this, somehow I came across a Daddy Dom/little girl piece of fiction (consensual adults, … Continue reading The Apple of Her Eye (18+ only)

Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

"Goddess worshipping." A ghost of your whisper curls around my neck as I press my back against the front door. Even as my head tilts to offer my flesh up to your lips, the glow of the light hanging from the ceiling coming into soft focus, your words envelop the air between then and now. "That's … Continue reading Goddess Worshipping (18+ only)

Conversation before bedtime

  I know he’ll be alone, with anyone else nearby already asleep; I feel alone, too, here, surrounded by people all going about their business who look but never speak. The connection – that’s what’s important. Amazing how our conversation drifts so easily into what turns him on. It always feels like we’ve missed a … Continue reading Conversation before bedtime

Ceramic Pleasure

I had the immense good fortune, while I was at Eroticon, to encounter the absolutely lovely owner of the recently-founded company, Ceramic Pleasure. I don't actually recall ever writing a post about sex toys before, but for this man, this company, and these products, I am happy to make this the first one! On the … Continue reading Ceramic Pleasure

Desires of the Winter Women: Extract 2

This is the second of two extracts from my newest novella, "Desires of the Winter Women", which is out now, in Lust in Winter, the fourth volume of the Lust paranormal erotica series. The first extract was a sweet erotic scene between the ghostly Tsurara, Icicle Woman, and the man she has taken for her … Continue reading Desires of the Winter Women: Extract 2