Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects

I am partly writing this post because I had planned to, and partly because the lovely Nora had been asking on her blog how to participate in #WickedWednesday and, as usual, the wonderful blogging community gave her the answers. If you have never participated in a meme, challenge or project, or have only participated in … Continue reading Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects

#MasturbationMonday: Photo Box

This is my naughty little effort for this week's #MasturbationMonday. As it's summer holiday season, I've sent my characters to holiday apartments, that just happen to be next-door...and it's easy to see from one into the other... Enjoy!   She spots him through her balcony window. There’s a communal walkway outside, linking all the balconies … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday: Photo Box