The first time you held my hand a short story by Ina Morata

The first time you held my hand

I didn’t expect it, that slip of your skin against mine as we walked, the summertime heat leaving your palm warm. Just the slightest of touches set a spark inside me, igniting my blood; it was the way your fingers encased mine leaving me simmering with desire and an anticipation I dare not express, even to myself. You were just making sure I was safe, weren’t you? Did you know that even the smallest brush of your skin against mine set my emotions in turmoil?

If you ever... (erotica 18+)

If You Ever… (erotica 18+)

There’s something about every room I wander into that excites me, makes me aroused, just as if the softest of paintbrushes was running over my flesh, brushing the tips of my nipples with its tender sable. I have to slip my hand beneath my top and touch them through my bra to check, the feeling is so convincing. There they are, erect and willing me into each room, this feeling of arousal spreading, brushing my belly into knots and transferring the feeling between my legs as I realise what it is that affects me so: it is the smell of you.

The Reason for Everything

This is the ninth and final short story offering in my series of literary/women's fiction stories. I'm ending on one of my absolute favourites. This story was written in the public library, when I had one baby asleep at the side of me in the pram, and I was killing time, waiting for my then … Continue reading The Reason for Everything

A Monster on Her Shoulder

This is the fifth in my series of short stories of a literary/women's fiction nature. This piece is only about 1500 words, but holds a dear place in my heart because it is the very first piece of fiction I ever had published. It appeared in Freelance Market News over a decade ago, having won … Continue reading A Monster on Her Shoulder

Love Slave Part 15 – FINAL PART (18+)

Every part of me, from my head to my waist, turns to lead as I drop his note. From somewhere inside my gut, it feels like someone has just released a dagger, and it’s fallen straight through me, ripping me open in every soft and sensitive place I have. Switch the kettle on. Don’t want … Continue reading Love Slave Part 15 – FINAL PART (18+)