Eve’s Lesson in Domestic Obedience Part 2 (18+ only)

As promised, here is Part 2 of my Sunday Story offering for this week. I left you waiting - but not for too long - just as things were beginning to get a little bit interesting for Eve, now Adam has returned home. If you've come so far with me today and liked it, then … Continue reading Eve’s Lesson in Domestic Obedience Part 2 (18+ only)

Golden Delicious (18+ only)

The first time I tried to tempt my DaddyDom, I was lucky enough to get a spanking. Actually, I thought he was joking; after all, I’d only just arrived in a taxi from the railway station, and my hair looked less blonde, and more diesel-streak black. But I’d remembered not to wear my panties, just … Continue reading Golden Delicious (18+ only)