Audience for the Marionette, Part 1

I'm getting pretty excited because my collection of erotic short stories on voyeurism is coming together and it's only a few weeks until the book will be published! Some of you may remember that I delayed this book because I wasn't happy with it. I knew I could make it darker, more soulful — and way more … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, Part 1

#TeaserTuesday: Extract from Muse in Bohemia

I have been baring my wares on the big screen. Before you get excited (or throw up), it's not it sounds. Firstly, I've kind of 'borrowed' a 25" monitor, and secondly, I've been plunging the depths of my folders (yes, folders) and making a list of the works I have which are nearly there, … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday: Extract from Muse in Bohemia