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Extract: The Chocolatier

We join our hapless hero, who is plagued by both his desire for his goddess, and unfortunately a whole orgy of lascivious ghosts which live in his home and taunt him with their endless comments - and the sex he wishes he was getting - as he encounters the mysterious and constantly tempting Lilith who is extremely willing to teach him how to get his goddess in her own very special and alluring way...

Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer

Not that I'm food-obsessed or anything, but there's a bit of a theme to this post... I am delighted to tell you that my paranormal erotic romance novella, The Chocolatier: Daemon of hearts and souls, is completely FREE to download on Amazon this week, 14th-18th November. In 1920s London, Edward the chocolatier, surrounded by ghosts … Continue reading Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer