TMI Tuesday

What do you need to learn but won’t admit to? I think, probably, that I don’t have to do everything for everyone and be there for everyone all the time. And that I shouldn’t feel guilty for putting my needs first sometimes, especially when not doing so adversely affects my mental health. Um... and probably that masturbating in the shower right before needing to go to a meeting has a high probability that I will miss my bus. I really should learnt that. Doesn’t seem to stick in my head, though! Don’t know why...

Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects

I am partly writing this post because I had planned to, and partly because the lovely Nora had been asking on her blog how to participate in #WickedWednesday and, as usual, the wonderful blogging community gave her the answers. If you have never participated in a meme, challenge or project, or have only participated in … Continue reading Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects