Dance with the Devil (18+)

She felt the Devil, long before he asked her to dance. Vivid dreams left her writhing, waking and finding herself on her stomach, breasts rubbing against the sheet, fingers already straying between her thighs. He took her in these night-time visions, claiming her, from her burning lips to her fiery cunt, growling against her flesh she would always be his, her desire the flames that licked his feet in supplication. She always awoke as he penetrated her – with his cock, his eyes, his dominance – and it left her dripping with molten need.

Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects

I am partly writing this post because I had planned to, and partly because the lovely Nora had been asking on her blog how to participate in #WickedWednesday and, as usual, the wonderful blogging community gave her the answers. If you have never participated in a meme, challenge or project, or have only participated in … Continue reading Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects

The Apple of Her Eye (18+ only)

The #WickedWednesday prompt this week caught my eye: Vintage Art. I love art in a big way, so set out perusing way too many vintage erotic art images (Google Images has a lot to answer for—but it was fun!). While doing this, somehow I came across a Daddy Dom/little girl piece of fiction (consensual adults, … Continue reading The Apple of Her Eye (18+ only)