New projects for 2020 by Ina Morata

New Year, New Projects

I had begun writing erotica at the request of someone else, several years ago. I did as I had been ordered, not knowing what to expect, but the interesting thing was that I discovered that, over time, it began to free me – from my life, from expectations placed upon me, and most importantly, from myself. And I discovered that I wasn’t too bad at it, and that I enjoyed it! Yet I was beginning to feel displaced. Did I want to write about the sexual as something disparate and standalone with no context and no feeling? Did I want to write about the erotic at all? Why was I doing so?

The Authentic Author

I find that I am much happier and able to communicate better when I feel that I’m writing as Ina than I am when writing under my ‘other name’. It’s a weird piece of mindset that I feel stronger as a writer as Ina, less likely to care if I have a bad review (although don’t get me wrong, that’s still pretty horrible), and, most importantly, I feel more able to write as my authentic self using a name I wasn’t born with, married into, or adopted in any other way. What do I mean by that? I simply mean that, as Ina, I feel free to just… create. And to create my way.

Creating a life worth living: Week 1

Sometimes it feels like I spend my whole life apologising. This post comes with the apology that I really should have posted it at the weekend, but I've only just come out of a mountain of edits for other authors. So, please forgive week 1 of my 12-week series about creating a life worth living … Continue reading Creating a life worth living: Week 1

My writing: depression and direction

My apologies for not posting here for a few weeks. Various issues have prevented my ability to do so. If you’ve followed my blog for long enough, you’ll know that I generally refrain from writing personal posts, but very, very occasionally I make an exception. This is somewhat of a long post; please forgive me. … Continue reading My writing: depression and direction

Where’s the love slave gone…?

This post comes by way of an apology to those following my Love Slave story. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the next instalment is going to be a bit delayed. (That sounds a bit posh, so what I actually mean is that, since yesterday, the next instalment is stuck on a laptop that for … Continue reading Where’s the love slave gone…?

Experiment: blogging an erotic novel

I spent a wonderful 24 hours over the course of last Friday and yesterday, engrossed in the many fabulous sessions in the first of three Indie Author Fringe conferences this year for self-published authors, organised by ALLi. I was very impressed with the wealth of information offered: advice for first-time authors, to designing book covers, … Continue reading Experiment: blogging an erotic novel