The Chocolatier

Lust, love and seduction in the most delicious of steamy ways…

The Chocolatier by Ina MorataEdward the chocolatier lives a frustrating life in his family’s shop in a backstreet of 1920s London. Unable to escape his disastrous love life, ghosts of the past haunt him (literally!). Everywhere Edward looks, he is taunted by their lusty, lascivious antics, while he spends every night kissing the image of the chocolate goddess, Ixcacao and wishing she was in his bed. Poor Edward has dreamt for years of having Ixcacao as his own.

One day, a mysterious, dark-haired woman, Lilith, enters his shop, and her delicious, seductive behaviour sets his body alight. Despite his fledgling relationship with a young woman who has become a regular customer, Lilith has a power over him which is spellbinding. When she tells him she can show him how to claim the goddess he wants as his, he is unable to resist Lilith’s seductive ways and is prepared to do anything she says to make love to Ixcacao—much to the encouraging admiration of the naughty resident ghosts!

But fulfilling his desires come at a price. What, and who, does he have to sacrifice to get the love—and lust—of his life? And what will he become if he succumbs to everything Lilith has to teach him?


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