The Coming of Eve (The Eden Collection #1)


A new submissive with a naughty streak. A Dom who is prepared to teach her – his way. And the temptations that neither can resist.

spanking erotica by Ina MorataEve is starting her life anew after an accident left her with memory loss. She’s a hard worker with a good degree and a teaching job – and she’s already had more hot discipline than she bargained for from Adam, the owner of Eden House when he caught her trespassing in his garden! Having been invited by him to stay the weekend as his new submissive, Eve arrives and immediately unleashes her insatiable naughty streak, tempting him with forbidden fruit. But Eve has no idea what she’s letting herself in for by trying to break her new Dominant’s rules.

Adam is a successful businessman and a Dominant who has been out of the relationship game since his divorce. A chance encounter with Eve has sparked his carnal desires and his Dominance. She seems to think that being a submissive is just a game and that trying to tempt him into breaking his own rules is, too, and he’s determined to prove her wrong. Adam has been doing everything in his power to resist falling in love again. But Eve is pushing his boundaries in ways she doesn’t realise.

With every temptation comes a consequence, raising the stakes each time Eve lets her naughty side take over and revealing feelings that leave Eve completely out of her depth in this new D/s relationship. When Eve is no longer sure what she wants, can Adam finally yield to her temptation and show her where the balance of power really lies?

Told from Eve’s viewpoint, The Coming of Eve is the first in the Eden Collection BDSM erotica series. If you enjoy Domination and submission with plenty of spanking and bondage, and servings of food sex to keep your erotic taste buds satiated, then you’ll love this book.

Sink your teeth into this seductive tale of temptation, love and lust, with lashings of BDSM and spanking.


Erotica in its purest form  (Review on Goodreads and Amazon)

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