The Greenwood Goddess

One goddess. Five men. A bewitching tale of seduction and the ultimate prize…

The Greenwood Goddess by Ina Morata

Captivating each one of her potential candidates in turn at the Beltane festivities, the mesmerising Gaia tells her five “finalists” they are to battle for the most wonderful of prizes by taking it in turns telling erotic stories. Gaia has already completely managed to seduce every part of Ben, from his brain to his body to his senses. Desperate to win, Ben just doesn’t know how he’s going to beat all the others to the mysterious prize.

One by one, the men relate their tales. But strange things happen during this Beltane, and there are consequences to their storytelling. Someone has to be the last one standing – but when the winner is revealed, is the prize quite what it seems, after all? Or is it better than any one of them could ever have imagined?

The Greenwood Goddess is Book 3 in the Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales series. Other books include Lilitu (book 1), The Chocolatier (book 2) and Desires on Kiska (book 4).

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