The House of Seven Sins is a trilogy of Gothic-influenced and highly explicit, (almost) no-holds barred erotic novels.

Book 1: Mistress in Training

Ella is a teacher who is excellent at her job, but physically and emotionally orphaned, and spends a lot of time trying to recapture the sexual danger and excitement of her early adulthood with little success. When she sees a peculiar advertisement on the gate of a mysterious Gothic house, expressing the need for a Mistress, she decides to apply.

The house, the servants, and the Master himself, create desires in her that she never thought possible, when she accepts the offer of a week-long live-in interview for the position. There, she learns just what it takes to be Mistress in the House of Seven Sins. Give and take is paramount — but can she cope with the Master’s expectations of what this means? When the house begins to live up to its name, is Ella strong enough to ‘give’ as well as ‘take’?

And why is the Master determined to test her to her limit? What is he hiding?


I am making a version of the first novel, Mistress in Training, available on my blog in serialised parts. You can read it here, or follow my blog (link in the sidebar) to get a notification of my new posts in your inbox, and never miss an episode.

Mistress in Training will be published in its entirety in 2018.