12 Days of Steam: Day 12

Welcome to day 12 of my '12 days of Steam', the last in my little series of erotic and romantic extracts for the holidays. I hope you've enjoyed me teasing you, oooh, just a little bit. 😉

Today's final teaser from my erotic collection, Naughty and Nice, sees Cassie giving Nick, her very own Santa, some loving care and attention, after working so hard all year.

‘Keep your eyes closed, Santa.’ Cassie gave her instructions as she balanced, hoping she was tightly enough cradled in Nick’s arms. Every few seconds, she gave him instructions on where to walk while firmly keeping her palms over his eyelids. They twitched under her hands, leaving her quivering at this fluttering vulnerability of her husband. She’d rarely felt it, but when she did, it made her heart melt. She smiled. She wanted to please him so much. And it was Christmas. After all his hard work this year, he deserved something special. And it was wonderful to have him home, all to herself. ‘We can stop in a minute, before we bump into something. I wouldn’t want your legs covered in bruises. I can’t believe we’ve come this far without careering into anything. Almost there.’

12 Days of Steam: Day 10

‘You look beautiful like that. But you look beautiful, no matter what you’re doing.’

She turned her head to see Rob leaning against the door frame, smiling. The lights on the tree twinkled like tiny stars around the dimly-lit room. As he dropped to his knees and took her hand, her heart leapt at the sight of the twinkle in his eye, too.

‘I love the way you look in this light,’ she said, crawling onto his knee and gazing up at him as she traced the edge of his open shirt collar.

12 Days of Steam: Day 8

Welcome to day 8 of the steamy extracts from my latest story collection, Naughty and Nice. How do you get the attention of your lover when they're refusing to be tempted into talking (or anything else!)? Maybe they've got a secret plan, an ulterior motive. Let's find out what Elf Girl is doing to drive her Santa Sir crazy, shall we?

12 Days of Steam: Day 7

Catrina watched as, one by one periodically through the evening, the guests who had been invited to come dressed as the sexy days of Christmas, removed their coats and took their peppermint cream. She watched them open it and stand there, looking surprised at the number and the instructions stamped on it: Find your bauble on the big tree. Number —.

She leant provocatively against the wall in her sleigh and snowball bikini as her friend, Sally, took her correctly numbered bauble. Catrina smiled as Sally squealed when she realised that she had a screw bauble (what else?!) and twisted it, unfastening the two halves to find her instructions. As Sally scooted past her, Catrina whispered, ‘Sal, I hope you have a lovely evening.’

12 Days of Steam: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of my '12 Days of Steam'. Each day contains a steamy extract from my erotic Christmas collection, Naughty and Nice.

Today, we find out what happens when our lovely lady who has elvish tendencies, waits in her home-made grotto. And, more impotantly, what happens when her Santa returns home... 😉

Of course, as always, my erotica is for 18+ only.


12 Days of Steam: Day 5

This year, her own special Santa had decided he was going to wrap everything himself. His little elf wasn’t at all happy about that. She plonked herself on his knee, straddling one of his legs, and turned her lip outwards in a massive pout as she frowned. ‘But Liam… I mean, Santa... what am I supposed to do to help you? I’m supposed to be your little helper.’ She gave him a seductive, wide-eyed look as her hand slid up his chest and her fingers brushed his jawline until they wrapped around the back of his neck, caressing it in soft circles. She felt him quiver.

12 Days of Steam: Day 4

She watched the muscles stretch in his forearms as he carried the tray. Instinct told her to reach out and run her fingertips along them, getting him to look at her with those incredible brown eyes, and make him hurry up and put the tray down so that she could pull him on top of her. Instead, she bit her lip at the focus in his downturned gaze as he carefully manoeuvred himself to place the mince pies and hot chocolate by the bed. Watching his intense concentration on anything at all, however small, was her favourite pastime: the darkness of his eyes, the temporary sternness in his face – they unfurled a desire that spread its way from her core until it filled every part of her, right down into her fingertips.