My erotic fiction leans towards the literary in its content, style and themes (although not always!), and frequently deals with the darker, more unnerving nature of explorations into sex and sexuality, of sensuality, desire, and of being in love—or in lust. It doesn’t always have a happy ending; sometimes it can be soulful and sad, but it’s always sexy in its own distinctive way.

Since I was very young, I have been fascinated by mythology. Many of the influences for my longer works come from such tales, and from other ancient stories, and I love putting my own erotic spin on them and creating something new. My paranormal novellas in the Lust series feature luscious creatures of myth and legend.

I write in several fiction forms and in differing lengths: from flash fiction, monologues and short stories to novellas and novels, and I am a closet poet (but don’t tell anyone!). I like to challenge myself—my psychology, my emotions, my boundaries, both in my fiction and in the musings on my blog. If my work arouses you, wonderful; if it also makes you think or feel, or both, then even better.

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